hits_seedsparkLast Monday I said we were going to be asking for your help, well I’m very excited to announce our campaign for my documentary Greatest Hits.  What is this?  I’ve been working on my biggest exhibition for the last year and I’ve been told by more than a few friends to create a documentary around everything we are doing.  This documentary is not so much about me, but its about the making of this exhibition, the stories behind the photos and everyone’s stories about music.  If you love music you will love everything we are creating, starting with this documentary.

My Executive Producer Sean Mannion, Producer Richard Avery and everyone involved is experienced in all aspects of filmmaking.  I have so much support and help from all my friends!

This Exhibition is my best of the best.  My Greatest Hits is my best 100 Black & White images.  I’m going BIG with this show.  NOT just big prints, but we have BIG ideas starting with an iPad app, book, catalog, the documentary and so much more.  I want to show everyone what passion and hard work can do.  Every picture has a story and my goal with this documentary is to tell those stories.  We have so much to do, but with your help it will be a whole lot easier.

Check out our page at for details and please donate.  We have great incentives for every support level.  Please help us make this dream come true.  Sign up for our newsletter for regular updates.  Follow me on Twitter and Instagram to see the latest.

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