cc_nirvanamomentsI spent some time with this band called Nirvana.  NOT a lot of time, more like quality time.  I get asked more about Nirvana than any other band I’ve shot.  Especially by younger friends cuz they want to know about Kurt.  I was lucky enough to shoot them twice and hung out more than a few times.  Here’s 10 fun moments that I will never forget…

  1. First Shoot – in Seattle on March 30th, 1991.  Meeting everyone for the first time and having some fun.  The story… LINK
  2. My First Nirvana Show – at the Roxy in Los Angeles August, 15th, 1991.
  3. Rock For Choice – in Los Angeles on October 25th, 1991 at The Palace.  The only time I shot them live.  My bad!
  4. Second Shoot – at my apartment in Hollywood on July 22nd, 1991.  Had fun hanging out and shooting.  Things were beginning to take off for the band and it was fun to see how things had changed.  Of course the guys didn’t change at all.
  5. Come As You Are – Spent the afternoon hanging with the band while they shot the video.
  6. Commodore Ballroom – in Vanco