Hello to ALL my Lovelies!  I wanted to reach out and simply say THANK YOU!  The support from ALL the Lovelies has been nothing less than amazing!  I am so grateful for ALL the love and support I get daily from everyone of you.  Many have become friends and some BEST friends.  

I do my best to celebrate and share my George Michael photos and stories with you all.  George Michael meant a lot to me and changed my life.  I’ve said it many times, George taught me how to have fun.  He always made me look good and the experiences I had during the FAITH Tour changed my life forever.

ALL the Lovelies have been so nice to me from day one.  I appreciate the support in stopping bad merchandise, the love on social media and for buying my prints/catalogs.  I love meeting you all when I get that chance.  I love hearing your George stories.  I love hearing your passion for George.  It means more than you know.  BUT most of all, I love the love!  The community is all about love and it’s truly amazing.

I’m working on MORE George Michael exhibitions for the near future.  I’m working on some really cool things I know you will love.  WE need to celebrate our love for George Michael.  I’m doing the best I can to do that for George and ALL the Lovelies.  PLEASE stay in touch, let me know if you need anything and always speak up if you have questions.  I really do love hearing from you.  Hopefully I will see you ALL sooner than later.  Thank you!


PS.  Thanks for putting up with me cuz I’m a brat.  ;-)