25 Years Ago: Social Distortion

04.13.92 | Social Distortion | Rolling Stone

Legendary band! RollinStone Magazine!  Shot in a studio!  Downtown Los Angeles!  A very good day!  What more can I ask for.  I have to say that this is one of my favorite band shots ever.  Why?  Cuz they look great, awesome location and everything in the photo just works!  

What I remember most about this shoot and the band was they didn’t really talk too much.  Pretty quiet and mellow.  Very low key for sure.  I did like Mike Ness.  He was an awesome subject and really didn’t take a bad photo.  I have so many great shots of him that have never seen the light of day.  Maybe some day I will share them, but for now you gotta live with what I have shown.

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