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[16 Apr 2014 | No Comment | 2 views]

Film sucks!  Or does it?  Digital sucks!  Does it?  I’ve been shooting long enough to have worked with both extensively.  Back when I started a roll of 35mm Tri-X was $1.50.  Holy fuck, I’m old.  :-)  I really do love digital more, but I do miss Polaroid 665 for my Polaroid 110b camera!  That is the only film I miss.  It was a great process and to this day can NOT be duplicated with digital.
The best part of film was that it there were all kinds to choose from and …


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[26 Mar 2014 | No Comment | 23 views]

This was from my first shoot with Jack for Maxim Magazine.  I was hired to shoot Tenacious D with Jack & Kyle.  I think we laughed the whole day.  Jack was awesome and Kyle was so cool.  We did the shoot at Smash Box Studios and the best part of the day was the Magic Illusion we rented from the famous Magician Mark Wilson.  Yea, I know you are saying… Who?  Well, when I was a kid I loved magic and Mark Wilson was one of the biggest and best …


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[11 Mar 2014 | No Comment | 7 views]

You got the job and you’ve prepared for the big day!  Its finally here!  Woo hoo!  Now what?  Some basic things to consider.  I alway ask myself these questions before I roll out the door… Do I have all my gear cleaned and ready?  Is my computer for capture good to go?  Do I have my list of ideas?  Do I know where I’m going and who I’m shooting?  If I have all the answers then I’m on my way!
Once I get to the shoot I like to talk with …


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[5 Mar 2014 | No Comment | 10 views]

This was a great day!  I’ll keep this short, but it was a great day!  I got asked to shoot Danny Way for ESPN Magazine in 2004 right before the launched the BIG ramp at the X-Games.  I’m talking BIG ramp!!  We went out to their practice ramp in Aguanga, CA.  Met up with Danny and a few other legends… Bob Burnquist & Pierre-Luc Gagnon.  It was awesome to see these guys practice and do something that hadn’t been done before.
I walked to the top of the ramp and was …