George Michael

A collection of photos from 1988 while working with George Michael & his FAITH Tour.

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  • mjp

    Amazing pictures love them even today..i mist so much of George back then.

  • Modernaire

    These are fantastic! They should of, could of been in the recent 30th anniversary FAITH album release. They sort of round out and complete that era, and in excellent quality to boot! What’s the story with the model that was in the Father Figure album? Was she part of the tour, or was that from the video shoot? She was stunning.

    • Guest

      Tania Coleridge was her name and she certainly was stunning, although I didn’t notice it at first. I originally had the impression that she looked kind of masculine. But, upon closer inspection, I changed my assessment.

      The two pictures with her and the other models were from the video shoot. I wonder if Chris has more from this shoot.

      I heard Tania later went into the chocolate business with her husband, but after divorcing him, she went into the jewelry business with her new partner. I don’t know if that venture worked out.

  • redhatGizmo

    RIP to the most the most handsome gay singer ever he had the most sensual voice in 80s.

  • Sisu Power

    Superb. The man who hated the camera was so handsome! RIP Mr. Michael. Your music will not be forgotten.

  • Rhoda davila

    I never realized you were the man who took all of the George Michael pictures in the Faith Tour! Your work is famous!

  • Вікторія Семененко

    Thank you very much for keeping George’s best ptofessional moments. He was my baby. Only mine.

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