cc_lamomentsI’ve lived in LA for 35 years now.  I’m from No-Cal and it was not easy moving to LA, but I knew I had to move here to pursue my dreams!  I was raised in No-Cal and we use to hate everything about So-Cal.  The 11th commandment was Thou shall hate So-Cal.  We had to hate ALL their teams and all the fake people.  I have to say it was fun to make fun of So-Cal.  Then I moved here and I actually learned to love it, but I still hate the fucking Dodgers & Lakers!  Here’s 10 great moments that I’m beyond grateful for…

  1. Photo Impact – getting my first job at Photo Impact and meeting my best friend ever Jack.  The owner Don really taught me a lot about LA and helped me navigate through the first couple years.  I didn’t know a lot of people so it was a BIG help.  I also met some amazing photographers and learned a lot.
  2. Terry Jacoby – meeting Terry and having her as my mentor for 25 years!!!  Miss you much!
  3. Visages – got my first agent thanks to Herb Ritts.  This agency gave me my start and opened a lot of doors for me.
  4. Concerts – too fucking many to list, but I’ve seen so many great shows and most of them from backstage or in the pit!  Fucking good times!
  5. Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson – I shot their wedding for them way back in 1988.  A big thrill and a great wedding.  So cool to see them still going strong.
  6. LA Kings – Going to a Stanley Cup Finals game in 1993 when they lost to Montreal.  The game sucked, but going to the first ever Cup finals game in LA was too cool.
  7. Meeting the Legends – I was lucky to meet and shoot some of my favorite actors ever… Jack Lemmon, Sydney Poitier, Walter Matthau, James Garner & Dustin Hoffman.  Meeting these actors that I grew up watching was so surreal and nice.
  8. Award Shows – I’ve been lucky enough to go to most of all the Hollywood Awards shows.  Not the Academy Awards or the Golden Globes, but most of the others.  Always a fun experience and never dull.
  9. Parties – Been to so many awesome Hollywood parties.  Big ones with celebrities and small ones with friends.  Just a lot of fun times and thank god I remember most of them cuz there’s a few I don’t.
  10. George Harrison – meeting & spending two days shooting George was a big thrill, but to talk with him about my favorite movie Hard Days Night is one of the best moments of my life.  He was my favorite Beatle when I was a kid so this was more than a dream come true.