cc_albums2This is not easy!  10 favorites!!  Really?  Desert island discs!  I’m gonna try my best to name 10 favorites, but I promise there are another 100 I could list.  These 10 are not really my favorites, they are the ones that changed my life in one way or another.

  1. Earth, Wind & Fire | Gratitude – My first cassette tape & I wore this sucker out all through High School.
  2. Pink Floyd | Dark Side of the Moon – Probably one of the greatest albums ever!
  3. Return To Forever | Romantic Warrior – the greatest jazz fusion album or ALL time.
  4. ABC | Lexicon of Love – This album is represents the entire 80’s for me.
  5. Santana | Moonflower – Perfection from beginning to end.
  6. Nirvana | Nevermind – So simple & brilliant in every way.
  7. U2 | The Joshua Tree – Pure passion & talent.  Every song a classic.
  8. Jane’s Addiction | Nothing’s Shocking – Changed my life.
  9. A Perfect Circle | Mer de Noms – I love everything about this album & I mean everything.
  10. Vince Guaraldi Trio | A Charlie Brown Christmas – SO good, that I listen to it year around.

*** This sucks, I could list so many more.  Maybe I’ll do part two soon.