How ya goin mate?  You know I love Australia and all my friends.  I’ve written about it on my blog too many times to count.  I was thinking about my favorite moments over the weekend so I thought I would write about it.  I’ve been going since 1988 and I always have a great time.  Here’s my 10 favorites…

  1. First Trip in 1988 – With George Michael and the FAITH Tour.  Seeing Bondi Beach for the first time was love at first site.  I met people I know to this day.  Got to see Sydney and Melbourne!  Love them both.
  2. February to March 1999 – Went to Australia to shoot two jobs for Turner Networks.  My first time to the Gold Coast and got to pet a kangaroo.  I also met some of my favorite mates on this trip.  Still besties to this day.  I loved it so much I stayed an extra week for fun.
  3. First NYE 2000 – My first time seeing the Sydney fireworks at the harbor blew my mind.  I was rolling my ass off on ecstasy so that might have had something to do with the fun.  I was there for a month and had the best time ever!
  4. NYE 2001 – I had to go back and have more fun.  I stayed in Bondi for a month.  Fell in love with Bondi and the beach life.  I call it the beginning of the end.  Too much fun.
  5. November 2017 – This was a big trip for me.  This was short, but this when I figured out how much I love Australia.  I knew I liked visiting and being there, but this trip was when I fell in love.  Stayed in Tamarama for a month.  Reconnected with my besties and started my plans for my George Michael exhibition.
  6. Greatest Hits: George Michael – January 2018 at Black Eye Gallery in Sydney.  What a month!  Great on every level.  Tom at Black Eye Gallery was the best.  The exhibition was great on every level.  And I stayed in Bondi for a month.  Like WOW!
  7. Greatest Hits: Grunge – May 2019 at Blender Gallery in Sydney.  An amazing exhibition in every way!  Tali at Blender Gallery did a great job and we had super fun.  Sydney was shocked and thought I only did George Michael.  It was fun to see the reaction from fans and friends.
  8. Greatest Hits: Michael Hutchence – November 2019 at Blender Gallery in Sydney.  Celebrating my session with Michael for Detour Magazine in 1993.  A great exhibition of an icon.  Had too much fun with this one.  Being in Sydney for the exhibition was truly special.  So many friends came to the show.
  9. November 2022 to January 2023 – My return after all hell broke loose with Covid.  It felt so good to be back to the cities and people I love.  Catching up with everyone and doing a bunch of shoots for Rolling Stone Australia!  AND living in Bondi for 3 months mate.  I love my Bondi Beach!
  10. Greatest Hits: Australia – December 2022 in Sydney presented by Behind the Gallery.  A great 5 day exhibition.  Lots of fun and made some big noise.  It took 3 years to get back, but it felt like yesterday.  Behind the Gallery was amazing and helped me put on a great 5 day event!