YO!  I did some research on myself and discovered I have owned and use a lot of fucking cameras!  Like a lot in 52 years!  So I made this list of my 10 favorites and why.  The list was about 40+ cameras long.  Like a lot of fucking cameras!  SO here’s my favs…

  1. Hasselblad X1Dii – My newest & favorite of ALL time.
  2. Hasselblad H1 – Used it for over 15 years with my Phase One P25 digital back.  It shot a lot of photos before it died!
  3. Nikon F2as – My babies!  I had 3 of them with lots of lenses!  They saw so much and captured even more.
  4. Polaroid 110B – My baby!  I miss using this camera!  They do NOT make film for it anymore & that pisses me off.
  5. Mamiya RZ67 – My work horse!  Shot so many commercial shoots with my RZ!
  6. Hasselblad ELM – My best film Hasselblad ever.  I used her for so many shoots!!!  Loved the motor drive and square format.
  7. Mamiya 7 – I had one for a short time.  Loved and wish I kept it.
  8. Polaroid 690 – My fav SX70 camera!  Was using it for ever until a couple months ago when she died.  :-(
  9. Hasselblad CM – My first Hasselblad.  Loved it until I got my ELM!
  10. Fuji GA645 – I had a couple of these in the 90’s.  They were fun.  Medium format point and shoots!