Back in 1990 Creem Magazine was brought back to life.  Rising from the dead it was redesigned and made bigger.  The designer and owner had a clear vision of what they want the new Creem to be.  I was happy to help and do some seriously fun shoots.  Here’s 10 of my favorites!

  1. Adam Ant | May 14th, 1990 – A fashion shoot with model Vanessa Mathison.  My second shoot with Adam Ant.  Super cool and very stylish.
  2. The Sunday’s | July 10th, 1990 – A simple shoot at Studio 46.  Did not know a lot about them, but they were fun.
  3. Jane’s Addiction | November 12th, 1990 – Flew to Atlanta to shoot the band live and backstage.  I had to shoot from the side of the stage cuz there was no pit.
  4. Crowded House | March 23rd, 1991 – Second shoot with the band.  This time we shot in the studio. 
  5. Mudhoney | June 8th, 1991 – Did this shoot at my home in LA.  Shot them in my living room and kitchen.  Gotta save money on these no budget shoots.
  6. Nirvana | July 22nd, 1991 – This was the second shoot with the band.  Shot in my apartment bathroom and in the alley.  Always fun with these kids.
  7. Soundgarden | August 29th, 1991 – Shot in Seattle while was up there shooting Pearl Jam.  
  8. The Nymphs | November 11th, 1991 – Shooting my fav Inger Lorre in the studio with her band is never a bad thing.
  9. Ian McCullogh | December 19th, 1991 – A fashion shoot with the lead singer from Echo & the Bunnymen.  Super cool shoot and the results were amazing.
  10. Concrete Blonde | January 8th, 1992 – This was fun.  Shooting Johnette Napolitano and her guitar player James Mankey.  Second shoot with the band.