I was lucky enough to shoot for FOX TV for a few years.  Got to work with my favorite creative director Tom Morrissey.  The art and publicity departments were the best of the best.  Always creative and supportive.  I loved every shoot, but some were better than others.  And some where fucking AMAZING!!!

  1. Titus | August 16th, 2000 – My first shoot for FOX.  I broke my elbow the day before.  Had to cut my cast off before the shoot.  NOT easy or fun.  Ouch.
  2. The Tick | October 22nd, 2000 – Love this shoot cuz we shot on the amazing sets.  The cast was awesome.
  3. Bernie Mac Show | December 7th, 2001 – What can I say about Bernie?  He was the best, super nice and very funny.  We talked trash the whole day.  Miss him much.
  4. Fox Mondo | July 18th, 2003 – This was a BIG shoot.  I basically shot the cast from ALL the shows for publicity.  It was a marathon, but lots of fun.
  5. MadTV | August 26th, 2003 – My second shoot for MadTV.  The cast was great.  Did the shoot at the old Hollywood Stages on Las Palmas.
  6. Method Man & Redman | May 4th, 2004 – It was Method and Redman!  WTF!  It was fire bro.  Shot them again years later.  I’m a BIG fan!
  7. American Idol | November 19th, 2004 – My first shoot for advertising.  Super fun.  Nice to see my photos on billboards and in Time Square.  Like WOW!
  8. War at Home | July 12th, 2005 – A simple sitcom with Michael Rapaport.  A fun shoot cuz the cast was good and Michael was great!
  9. So You Think You Can Dance | November 1st, 2007 – My first shoot for SYTYCD.  I did a total of 12 shoots.  Loved shooting very talented dancers!!
  10. Glee | April 15th, 2009 – First season for the great show GLEE.  Super proud of the two shoots I did for GLEE.