With my Greatest Hits: Grunge exhibition coming up at Blender Gallery in Sydney, Australia it got me thinking a lot about these moments and photos.  So for fun I thought I would make a list of my favorite Grunge moments.  Here we go in no particular order… 

  1. Nirvana & Mudhoney – Seeing them play at The Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, BC on October 30th, 1991.  Opening for them was Mudhoney!  Probably the best show ever at that time!
  2. Pearl Jam – Directing my first music video for Jeremy.  Changed my life in so many ways and opened lots of new doors.  Thanks to the band and management.
  3. Chris Cornell – writing the song Jesus Christ Pose about my photo of Perry Farrell.  Does NOT get better than that!
  4. Mudhoney – My first shoot with them was awesome.  Just drank beer all day and shot pix.
  5. Sub Pop Records – meeting Bruce and Jonathon for the first time.  They were my heroes at the time.  Loved everything they did.
  6. Eddie Vedder – every show I shot or saw I was blown away by Eddie’s passion for his music and the fans.  He gave it ALL and thank god I got some photos to prove it.
  7. Soundgarden – seeing them perform for the first time at The Whiskey in LA for Louder Than Love album.  Blew my mind!!!
  8. Alice in Chains – first, meeting them was awesome.  Second, shooting them was even better.  BUT then it was seeing them live that really fucked with me!
  9. Bikini Kill – Beth took me to see them at the OK Hotel and they blew me away!  Loved every bit of them!  Just wish I got to shoot them.
  10. The Screaming Trees – getting to direct two music videos for them was a blast and to this day I love only one.  I wish I could get a do over with Shadow of the Season.  Dollar Bill is awesome!!!