I love the keyboards!  I love all kinds, from a simple piano to the Hammond Organ.  I saw many of these players play live, but a few I wish I did.  I always loved the jazz guys, but the rock guys rocked it big time.  If I’m forgetting anyone please let me know.  I know I am.  UGH.

  1. George Duke – Genius in everything he created.
  2. Chick Corea – My jazz hero!
  3. Tony Banks – Loved all that he did with Genesis!
  4. Greg Rolli – From Santana to Journey!
  5. Richard Wright – Pink Floyd duh!
  6. Herbie Hancock – To the day Man Child is one of my favorite albums!
  7. Stevie Wonder – A living legend and icon!
  8. Elton John – This one was to easy!
  9. Ray Manzarek – How do you not have Ray as one of your favorites?
  10. Mitchell Froom – Saw him play the Hammond with Elvis Costello and it blew me away!