As you know I love shooting new bands and musicians!  Love meeting young talent and hearing their stories.  Love seeing the passion!  Here’s 10 new artists that I have met and shot in the last couple years that I’m cheering for.  You gotta check them out and let me know what you think.  These are their INSTAGRAM tags!!!

  1. @Siiickbrain – Passion, talent and vision!  She has it all.
  2. @BabyJaneLives – Watch out for this girl. BIG things are coming.
  3. @WeAreNeoni – Love these sisters!  My favorite sisters!  Pure talent!!!
  4. @Grandson – My hero!  He’s a force to reckon with!
  5. @Shira_girl – A good friend and amazing talent!  ALL passion!
  6. @girlwolf – Love this girl and all that she brings to her art.
  7. @loc_dawgs – These guys give me hope!  A power trio with talent & passion.
  8. @bexley_official – My best of my besties!  She has everything!!!
  9. @iambmwkenny – My man!  Everything he drops just works!
  10. @Listen2Jako – My DJ grrl!  Passionate about music, life and fun.