My favorite TV show of ALL time is HBO’s The Wire.  David Simon is my hero and I hope to meet him someday.  I want to shoot his portrait and say thank you.  I loved the series from the first episode till the last.  The stories, characters and production was perfect.  I watch the series often.  Never get tired and I always discover something new.  Here’s my 10 favorite quotes from the series!

  1. Omar – “You come at the king, you best not miss.”
  2. Omar – “Man, money ain’t got no owners. Only spenders.”
  3. Omar – “All in the game, Yo… all in the game.”
  4. Marlow – “My name is my name.”
  5. Omar – “I got the shotgun.  You got the briefcase.  It’s all in the game, though, right?”
  6. Omar – “A man must have a code.”
  7. Omar – “But the game is out there, and it’s either play or get played”
  8. Bubbles – “Ain’t no shame in grief so long as you make space for other things too.”
  9. Omar – “It ain’t what you takin’, it’s who you takin’ from, ya feel me? How you expect to run with the wolves come night when you spend all day sparring with puppies.”
  10. Cheese – “There ain’t no “back in the day,” nigga!  Ain’t no nostalgia to this shit here!  There’s just the street and the game and what happen here today.”