Shooting for Rolling Stone was a major goal when I started in the music photography game.  It was at the top of my list!  My first visit their offices was a tough.  They looked at my portfolio and said come back when you have more.  It motivated me big time.  I went back a year later and they hired me for my first shoot!!  Here’s 10 of my favs!

  1. Johnny Lydon | March 7th, 1989 – I think this was my 3rd shoot with Johnny.  As always he was crazy fun.  Always made me look good.
  2. Jefferson Airplane | June 5th, 1989 – This was so special and an honor.  Meeting Grace Slick and the band was HUGE!  I grew up watching them through out the 60’s & 70’s.
  3. Alice in Chains | September 11th, 1991 – My first shoot with the band down.  The photo editor didn’t like the shots cuz they wore sunglasses.  SO we reshot in Seattle a couple weeks later.
  4. L7 | February 23rd, 1992 – A great shoot with the band at my favorite Studio 46.  These girls rock!
  5. TLC | March 28th, 1992 – My first shoot with Lisa “Left Eye”.  She was the best.  They were so fun and easy to shoot.
  6. Social Distortion | April 13th, 1992 – Shooting one of my fav bands is always a good thing.  Mike Ness is one of a kind.
  7. Toni Tone Tony | August 1st, 1993 – A great shoot out in Marina Del Rey.  The guys were so cool and very stylish.
  8. Duff McKagen | September 3rd, 1993 – My first shoot with Duff at his home in Beverly Hills.
  9. Seline Vigil | February 28th, 1996 – Shooting my favorite lead singer from my favorite grunge band Seven Year Bitch.
  10. Pat Boone | March 29th, 1996 – Yes!  This was epic for so many reasons!!!  He was beyond great!!  I grew up watching his movies.  Shot him at his home in Beverly Hills.