These are my favorite singers who were solo singers.  Leaders of their own thing.  There were too many to list so I just did these 10.  I know I forgot a few.  I know there are so many more, but these 10 can do NO wrong!

  1. George Michael – Had it all and when he was performing live there was nobody better!
  2. Frank Sinatra – Saw him in the early 80’s and he did not let me down.  Old blue eyes could make every song a masterpiece.
  3. Angela Bofill – I loved her when I was in High School.  Beautiful voice!
  4. Anne-Marie – One of favorites NOW!
  5. Sammy Davis Jr. – My hero!  When I was a kid I loved listening to him and watching him  Just pure talent!
  6. Al Jarreau – Talking ALL that jazz! 
  7. Prince – If God wanted to be a lead singer, he would be Prince.
  8. David Bowie – Could do NO wrong and was the best of the best!
  9. Elvis Presley – The king!
  10. Willie Nelson – Legend, icon and hero!