Way back in 1985 Bob Guccione Jr. created SPIN Magazine.  I was lucky to be there at the beginning and did some amazing shoots for the magazine.  I remember going to the offices and hanging out with Bob, the art director and photo editor talking about ideas for shoots.  I loved how raw and edgy the magazine was.  Here’s 10 of my favorite shoots I did for SPIN Magazine.

  1. Swimsuit Issue | April 3rd, 1989 – I shot George Clinton, Paula Pierce and Cory Glover.  Super fun and NOT your normal swimsuit shoots.  Seriously so NOT normal.
  2. Red Hot Chili Peppers | June 22nd, 1989 – My first shoot with the Chili Peppers.  Did the shoot at the video shoot for Knock Me Down in LA.
  3. Soundgarden | August 24th, 1989 – My first shoot with the band.  Saw them perform a few days later at The Whiskey for Louder Than Live!
  4. Cherie Currie | August 25th, 1989 – Super cool and so nice.  I was kind of in awe of her.  Come on… The Runaways!!!
  5. Nirvana | October 25th, 1991 – This was the only time I shot the band live at The Palace in Hollywood.
  6. Bad Religion | April 11th, 1992 – My first shoot with the band.  Also shot a show at The Palladium in Hollywood.
  7. Kim Gordon | August 15th, 1994 – This was super fun.  Did the shoot in her front yard in Los Angeles.
  8. The Cardigans | February 19th, 1997 – Shot the band while on tour down in Orange County.  Did the shoot in the laundry room.
  9. No Doubt | January 11th, 1997 – This was where I reconnected with the band after shooting them for their first album cover in 1991.  It was “a day in the life” story while they prepared for a show at the Hollywood Palladium.
  10. Korn | February 10th, 1998 – This was my first shoot with the band.  Super easy and very low key.  Too low key.  Ugh.