Way back in the late 90’s and into the early 2000’s there was a fun magazine I shot for… STUFF Magazine.  They were published by the same people who did Maxim Magazine.  They were what I called a “glamour girl” magazine.  Lots of lingerie and bikinis.  I had so much fun shooting for them and the photo editor Hyla was the best!  We are still friends to this day!  Here’s my 10 favorite shoots… 

  1. Kobe Bryant | 08.01.00 – Shooting Kobe was fun.  Since I’m not a Lakers fan I had to talked shit.  I challenged him to a one on one game and he said he couldn’t cuz of a finger injury.  He was lucky cuz I got moves!  He was the best and made me look good.
  2. Krista Allen | 08.17.00 – My first cover shoot for the magazine.  We did the shoot in Malibu on the beach.  Not easy, but the results were great.  
  3. Slash | 09.15.00 – Did this shoot in Las Vegas.  He was there with his solo band.  Super easy to shoot and very nice.  The band was very cool and super cool.  
  4. Kevin Garnett | 12.08.00 – Probably my 2nd favorite shoot for the magazine.  Mainly cuz I was a BIG fan of KG’s.  He was so cool and nice.  We talked shit and laughed a lot.  One of the best athletes I ever shot by far!
  5. Surfers | 12.29.00 – This was fun!  We did this shoot in Sydney, Australia with my surfer friends.  Just hanged out on the beach and shot.  SO easy mate!
  6. Amber Brkich | 05.05.01 – Another cover shoot for the magazine.  Amber had just gotten done with Survivor.  She was so sweet and nice.  I just remember her not feeling too comfortable cuz she did not have a lot of shoot experience.
  7. Iggy Pop | 05.31.01 – My favorite shoot for STUFF by far!  Iggy and his girl friend shooting all over Time Square in NYC at night!  Does NOT get better than that.  My hero!!!
  8. Brooke Burke | 08.02.01 – At the time she was a BIG deal.  We did the shoot at her Beverly Hills home in the backyard.  She had a swimming pool and all I needed for a great cover shoot.
  9. Real World Girls | 06.17.02 – This was some serious fun.  Went to Las Vegas to be on MTV Real World and shoot the girls or Vegas.  The cast helped me produce and do the shoot.  It was a fun couple days at The Palms Hotel.
  10. Method Man & Redman | 06.27.04 – My second shoot with 2 of my favorite people ever!  Method and Red are the nicest and bestest!!!  We had so much fun with this shoot.  Simple setup so they can just have fun and be themselves!