Thought I would have some fun today.  You know I love making lists.  You know we’re all locked up for a while now.  You also know I’m doing the best I can to keep busy and creative.  Here’s my 10 favorite things to do while in quarantine…

  1. Sleep – Love my sleep and I make sure I get quality sleep.
  2. Make To-Do lists – I’m all about making a list for each day and getting shit done.  I need to feel productive.
  3. Watch TV – Watching way too much bad TV,  but it’s fun.
  4. Staying away from social media – Twitter & Facebook suck and just piss me off.  I try and stay away as much as possible.  I recommend you do the same.  
  5. Look at old photo shoots – I sit in bed at night and look at my photos and shoots on my iPad.  I try to think about the good old days and it makes me smile.
  6. FaceTime with friends – I have a couple special friends that keep me entertained and put up with me.  Thanks!
  7. Scan old photo shoots – Was lucky to get some photo files out of my vault before the lockdown.  Been going through these shoots and scanning some hidden gems!
  8. Build new websites – I built a new site for my directing work!  Looks awesome.  Stay tuned.
  9. Doing my walks in Beverly Hills – Just the drive there is nice and relaxing.  Then I walk for 30 minutes and sit for 30 minutes.  Count my blessing and say thank you.
  10. Smoking weed! – My new favorite thing to do at the end of everyday.  Get stoned and chillax.