YO!  All you film photographers who still love film and the process.  The one thing you miss is have so many choices of film to choose from.  We had so many back in the day.  I loved film back then, but now I love digital way more.  Here’s 10 that I did love and some I miss…

  1. Polaroid 665 – My favorite of ALL time and miss so much!!!
  2. T-Max 3200 – Loved it for shooting concerts and BTS.
  3. Ektachrome 1600 – They only had it in Japan, but I would have friends bring me some every time they visited.
  4. Fuji FP-100c – PLEASE come back soon!!!
  5. Polaroid 669 – Soft and muddy, but I loved you.
  6. Tri-X 400 – The standard in B&W.
  7. Plus-X – Only in 120 did it make sense for me.
  8. Agfa 1000 – Not around long, super grainy and fun.
  9. Kodachrome 64 – When I was a kid it was the standard for slides.
  10. Polaroid 600 – My baby for my Polaroid 690.