cc_underworldI talk about music a lot, duh.  I’ve posted some favorite song lists for my favorite bands.  This time I want to list my favorite 10 songs from my favorite band Underworld.  I loved these guys from the first album on.  Here’s 10 tracks you need to listen to, but honestly I could list so many more!  (PS. I never got to shoot them, but I hope that will change some day.)

  1. Born Slippy – Trainspotting!!!
  2. King of Snake – gets me ALL fired up.
  3. Juanita + Kiteless (live) – from Everything Everything!  Perfection.
  4. Always Loved a Film – makes me want to dance.
  5. Dark & Long – so dark and long.
  6. Cups – groovy.
  7. River of Bass – mellow and cool.
  8. Sola Sistim – trippy and sexy!
  9. Scribble – makes me smile.
  10. Underneath the Radar – it all started with this!