cc_lifeI’ve lived a long time and have done more than I ever dreamed of.  I’ve been lucky enough to live an exciting and fun life, but its never been easy.  NOTHING has ever come easy for me and at 55 years old I’m beyond grateful for everything!!!  I have lots of young friends that I mentor and help.  They come to me often looking for advice.  Here’s 10 life lessons that I pass onto everyone.  Maybe you can learn a little something from them…

  1. Be nice – doesn’t cost a dime!
  2. Be grateful – always!!!
  3. Follow your heart – even when it’s wrong.
  4. Do what you love and love what you do – the only way to live!
  5. If you listen you will learn – shut up and listen.
  6. Save your money – something I never did and I’m paying for it now.
  7. Never settle for anything less than great – never have, never will.
  8. Remember everything in life is temporary – true dat boo!
  9. Take the time to appreciate your life – stop & smell the roses often!
  10. Smile always – well… At least try.