I’ve been working on my next project to shoot up and coming NEW talent.  While working on this I started thinking about who I would love to shoot that is NOT music related.  Just some really talented fucks!  Here’s my list… 

  1. Chaz Guest – Love his art big time!
  2. Nikki Glaser – I’m curious about her & I think we could have fun making art.
  3. Mark Bradford – He’s the man!!!
  4. Dwayne Johnson – Not the biggest fan, but I just think he would be great to work with.  He’s such a pro!
  5. Jim Carrey – Just wanna spend the day with him talking about life!
  6. Tiffany Hadish – She makes me laugh and is so beautiful.
  7. Matt Barnes – Been impressed with his after life from the NBA.  Just want to have a chat and shoot a nice portrait.
  8. Seth McFarlane – Would love to pick his brain about business and creativity.
  9. Marc Maron – Again, just would love to spend the day shooting and talking!
  10. Sarah Silverman – She is so smart!  I want to capture that smart!!