Way back in 2014 I wrote a POST about 10 Things I Like.  A few years have past and things have changed.  I’ve gotten older and smarter!  Also I’ve learned a few things in the last few years.  Here we go… 

  1. Ardbeg Scotch – I got introduced to Ardbeg a couple years ago.  It’s strong in flavor and the first sip is always tough, but after that I’m ALL good.  I love how it makes me feel fuzzy!
  2. M Cafe – My favorite restaurant in LA and thank god it’s 3 blocks a way!  Healthy, creative and tasty vegan food.  #Yummy
  3. Directing – I started back in 1991.  I love the process more now than ever.  MORE please!!!
  4. Bondi Beach – I’ve always loved Bondi Beach.  But last year I spent 6 months there and feel deeply in love!  I miss my friends, the beach, the coffee, the banana bread, the walks, the Tim Tams and so much more.  Boo hoo!
  5. EPL – Still do and always will.  BUT I also love the MLS!
  6. Hasselblad X1Dii – Love my baby!  She takes good care of me and makes me look good.  
  7. ALL my Aussie Friends – You know who you are and I miss you very much!  #Love
  8. Exhibitions – I loved every exhibition I’ve had since the first one in 2017.  I love making people smile and my photos do that.
  9. BIG prints – I love seeing my photos printed big and framed!!!  The bigger the better.  #FineArt
  10. Vanilla Lattes & Banana Bread – I’ve always loved Banana Bread and Lattes, but I love them even more at Bondi Beach.