cc_likeOK, here’s the things I like.  Some more than others of course, but no matter what I like them all.  To be honest I like a lot of things, I like a lot more than you see on this list, but here’s a few easy ones.  In no particular order of course.

  1. Chipotle – Yummy, tasty and good for you.
  2. TV – I watch way too much, but I always have.
  3. Triple Chocolate Milkshakes – ONLY from Milk on Beverly Blvd.
  4. EPL – I love to watch the English Premier League every weekend.
  5. Sun, Sand & Surf – Any beach, any where makes me feel good ALWAYS!
  6. LA Galaxy – My home team!  Going to miss LD.  :-(
  7. Ice Cream – all kinds, but I can never have just one bite.  More is always a good thing.
  8. New York City – Been going there for over 25 years and I can never get enough.
  9. Apple – I’ve been using Apple products since they first started and I still want more.  I can’t wait for the iPhone8.  Ugh!
  10. Sleep – Since I work ALL the time, I really like to sleep when possible.

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