cc_posterangerYo!  Time for me to vent a bit.  Time to let loose and express myself and check myself.  Seriously, I wanna give you 10 things that really annoy me these days.  Sad truth this list could be about 100 items, but I did not want to annoy you and be on your list.  Lets keep this simple and fun.

  1. Stupid People – Short site, small minded, negative people suck!
  2. PC Computers – at this point why would you want to own one?  Please let it go, Apple won this war.
  3. Most of Today’s Music – the majority of today’s artist make soulless music.  They need to create from their soul and with passion.
  4. LA Drivers – Use your fucking turn signals you dumb fucks and drive the speed limits!
  5. Airports – there was a time before 9/11 when going to the airport was less stressful.  These days is so fucking annoying coming or going.
  6. Noise – my favorite thing today in the world is peace and quiet.  I hate noisy neighbors!  Shut the fuck up and tell your dog to shut up.
  7. Video Games – get up off your ass and go outside.  I don’t understand adults playing kids games.  Grow up!
  8. Cheap Clients – you know who you are!  Cutting budgets to make yourself look good with your boss, but cutting the rates of the people that work for you to make you look good is fucked up!  Be fare and grateful.
  9. Bad Service – it could be at a restaurant, a studio, Starbucks, the rental house, camera store, the market or just about anywhere… Service with a smile is sorely missed.  My rule is simple… Be nice always and treat your clients the way you want to be treated.
  10. Back Pain – I’ve been suffering with back for years now and it pisses me off more than anything!  It makes everything suck.  I hate it and wish it would just go away!