05.16.92 | Helmet | Interscope Records

New York baby!  Shot in NYC for the label.  A great hard rocking band who’s music was really taking off.  I remember there was some kind of bidding war amongst the labels trying to sign this band.  Made no sense to me.  They were good, but not worth a war.  Interscope won the war and paid BIG bucks.  I guess when it came to the shoot they ran out of money and paid me little.  ;-)

The band was easy and quiet.  Nice, but quiet.  Ended up shooting a few set-ups and kept it simple.  I think the shoot lasted 3-4 hours max.  I always loved shooting in New York.  The energy, the studios, the crews, the people and the food.  Always the best!  I miss those days.  So many great times, great photo shoots and memories.  #GoodOldDays