03.31.94 – Infectious Grooves | Epic Records

This was a fun day!  Infectious Grooves was a band started by Mike Muir from Suicidal Tendencies.  Also included bass player Robert Trujillo from ST.  I had shot them before multiple times so I knew what to expect.  This shoot was for 550 Music/Epic Records.  The main reason for the shoot was packaging and publicity.

We did the shoot at the Hollywood Loft on Santa Monica Blvd.  The band had a total of 5 members including drummer Brooks Wackerman.  Younger brother of legendary drummer Chad Wackerman who I shot many times.  What I remember most about this shoot… not a whole lot.  I do remember that Mike was in a good mood and that was always a good thing.  It would make my day so much easier when he was in a good mood.  #GrumpySinger  :-)