cc_nirvana25Lets get back into that amazing time machine and go back to July 22, 1991.  I had to shoot Nirvana for Creem Magazine in Los Angeles.  With no budget and so little time I asked the guys to meet me at my apartment.  I thought I could get more done if we did not spend time driving around looking for a location.  I knew my neighborhood and I knew the the alley behind my place would work.

The band showed up in good spirits and we spent sometime catching up on life.  Things were just starting to heat up with the band and I knew what they were heading into… The big rock stardom storm!  What I liked about the band was they were so laid back and easy.  I asked them for the first shot would they get into my bathtub, which they did.  Looking back I just have to laugh.  The fact that I asked and the fact that they did is just too funny.

Next up we went outside to my alley.  (FYI, I shot Brad Pitt in the same alley)  I found a spot they could all sit and relax in.  I told them just to chill and let me shoot.  So easy and simple I knew it would work.  The whole shoot lasted two hours from them walking in the door to the last shot.  I got what I wanted and needed.  They were happy and I was happy.  Another great shoot and everybody wins!!!  AND by the way… Creem Magazine was happy.