cc_25peppersLets get back into my time machine!  Way back on July 26th, 1991 I got a shoot for Detour Magazine here in Los Angeles.  It was with the funky band Red Hot Chili Peppers!  Not my first shoot with the band, but one of my favorites for sure.  It was a hot day and we were in a studio of Highland Blvd in Los Angeles with no air conditioner.  NOT fun.  I had to shoot 3 simple set-ups.  So I kept it simple and fun.

The firs set-up was in front of a black background that we set up in the alley.  I wanted to take advantage and use the daylight on this one.  Plus it was nicer outside than inside.  Second set-up was against a white wall.  I threw a big spotlight on them and let them have their fun.  The trick with the Red Hot Chili Peppers is to give them some room and then stay the fuck out of their way!

The last set-up was the best!!!  I was getting ready for the last shot when Anthony went over to the writer and paid her $50 for her dress.  He decided he liked her dress and wanted to wear it.  Then I got a tap on my shoulder and turned around to see Flea butt naked.  He asked me if he could wear his birthday suit?  I said why not?  Thats when things got crazy!  The band just started jumping around and going nuts!  SO much energy and attitude made it easy for me to get some great shots when not laughing my ass off.

This shoot was so much fun and the band made me look good.  What I remember most was Flea jumping up & down naked!  Not something I need to see ever again!!!  Not something anyone should ever see!