06.17.92 | Screaming Trees | Epic Records

This was a fun day.  Shooting The Screaming Trees in Seattle is totally cool and grungy.  I think this was my second time shooting the band.  Didn’t matter cuz I was in Seattle!  We met a my hotel and then walked to a couple simple locations.  The guys were mellow and easy.  Super low key, like super super low key.  The shoot was easy.  I shot what I needed at each location and then moved on.  

What I remember most about this shoot… I was able to talked to the band about directing a music video for them.  I ended up directing two music videos for the band.  I direct Dollar Bill and Shadow of the Season for them and Epic Records.  I’m very proud of the videos and I think they hold up to this day.  The Screaming Trees were a great band from Seattle and never really got the attention they deserved.  Miss those guys!!