05.02.92 | Suicidal Tendencies | Epic Records

The BIGGEST thing I remember most about this shoot was it was done in a studio in Venice, Ca just days after the LA Riots.  Like just days.  After surviving the riots I had to do this shoot for Epic Records.  It was so strange to drive to Venice and see the National Guard on corner of every block protecting what ever it was they were told to protect.

My assistant and I felt funny having to do this shoot after a crazy few days and I know the band was feeling strange as well.  I think everyone was just feeling funny.  We just had the fucking craziest week ever!!!  BUT as always I make shit happen and got the job done!  It was for CD packaging and publicity so we had much to do.  The band was cool and nice.  The label was the best,  I don’t remember too much about the shoot, but I do remember that day like it was yesterday.  There is nothing like a riot to give you some perspective.