05.07.92 | The Lemonheads | Atlantic Records

A fun band and artist.  Evan Dando was totally cool and hip at this time.  I was hired by Atlantic Records for a publicity shoot for their new CD.  Again, went to a downtown studio for the day.  Loved this space cuz it had great daylight and windows.  Evan and the band were easy to shoot.  The guys just did what I asked and the label was happy.  Is it me or were shoots easier back in the day compared to now?  These days everyone has something to say and most of it is stupid.

The best part of the shoot was Evan.  My favorite shot was when I shot Evan in his pajamas.  It was so Evan.  Not a lot of musicians can get away with wearing his pajamas, but he could.  He rocked them big time.  The last thing I remember about this shoot was afterwards… A lot of grrls I knew got all excited that I shot Evan cuz he was so cute.  Some kind of alternative hunk I guess.  Ugh.