cc_25yearsIn a galaxy a far, far away there was 1991.  I’ve told you about the fun events and experiences I had in 1991, but now I want to share the 10 Best Photo shoots I had in 1991.  There were a lot to choose from cuz I was super busy that year with a lot of shoots, lots of travel and even more fun.  When I look back at 1991 I smile.  It was truly the best year for music and my shoots!  Here we go…

  1. Nirvana | March 30th – My first shoot with the Nirvana.  A great day in Seattle.
  2. Mudhoney | June 8th – My first shoot with Mudhoney!  SO much fun and I had more than a few drinks.
  3. The Afghan Whigs | July 14th – First shoot with Greg and the boys in NYC.
  4. Nirvana | July 22nd – Second shoot, but this time at my apartment in LA.
  5. Red Hot Chili Peppers | August 14th – Publicity shoot for Blood Sugar Sex Magik.  Such a great day!
  6. Pearl Jam | August 29th – Publicity shoot for Ten in Seattle.
  7. Soundgarden | August 29th – After my shoot with PJ I got to meet up with Soundgarden for a quick shoot.
  8. Alice In Chains | September 11th – My first shoot and my best shoot with Alice In Chains.  SO fucking cool.
  9. No Doubt | November 10th – First shoot with No Doubt for their first first CD.  I knew Gwen was gonna be a star!
  10. Nick Cave | December 8th – A moody shoot, a great shoot and great musician.  The Bad Seeds were so bad.