07.05.96 – Ben Harper | Guitar World Magazine

This was a fun day!  I shot Ben Harper for Guitar World Magazine at his home in Hollywood.  He lived blocks from me so it was easy.  We shot inside his apartment and on the steps in his hallway.  Super easy and simple.  We just hung out, shared stories and he played his guitar for me.  I shot everything that I could and had fun doing it.

The black white Polaroid 665 images I shot are some of my favorites.  I’ve talked about in the past, but 665 was my favorite film of ALL time.  I used my Polaroid 110b camera for all of it.  Still have that camera to this day.  Just wish they made the film.  Ben loved the process as well.  Pulling the print and having a negative was the best.  Every shot was magical.

I loved shooting for Guitar World Magazine.  I miss those days meeting and shooting some great fucking guitar players.  I met so many of my guitar heroes cuz of them.  Who are todays guitar heroes?  Not sure if there are any.