05.25.95 – Blind Melon | RIP Magazine

Another fun shoot for RIP Magazine with a great band.  At the time Blind Melon was blowing up and lead singer Shannon Hoon was kicking ass!  He had gotten a lot of buzz from doing the song Don’t Cry with Guns N’ Roses.  I met the band at Capitol Records on Vine Street in Hollywood.  I did the shoot across the street at The Palace Theater’s parking lot.  Didn’t have much of a choice since there wasn’t a whole lot of time and not any places really to shoot.

The shoot was easy.  The band was easy.  Shannon was easy.  I remember most that Shannon was super tired and I tried to lighten up the mood as best as I could.  I also remember Shannon be super friendly.  I was so bummed to find out 5 months later that he had died of a drug overdose.  Seriously sucked!!!