06.25.94 – Body Count | Virgin Records

This was the shit.  This was a great shoot with Ice-T and Body Count.  It was a publicity shoot for Virgin Records.  We shot at 5th & Sunset Studios in West Hollywood.  Not to far from where I live.

The band was cool, but Ice-T is the best of the best.  He’s so professional and smart.  Doesn’t take a bad photo and really leads his band.  It wasn’t my first time with Ice-T, so we caught up on life and work.  I have to admit he’s a hero of mine.  

We shot a few set-ups and overall the label was happy with the results.  I loved the fact that I always make everyone happy.  It’s important to make the label happy along with the artist.  If you don’t, they don’t hire you again.  NOT good for business.