02.26.96 – Daredevils | Epitah Records

Who are the Daredevils?  They were a band made up of Brett Gurewitz from Bad Religion/Epitah Records and with Josh Freese (drummer), Gore Verbinski (Yes, the director) and Dean Opseth.  This was a side band for Brett after Bad Religion broke up temporarily.  I knew Brett and Josh.  Did not know Gore or Dean.

It was a publicity shoot for Brett’s label Epitah Records.  They only released a single I think.  We did the shoot at The Chateau Marmont Hotel on Sunset Blvd.  We got one of the bungalows and had fun.  We made such a mess.  I remember one dumb idea was to pour ketchup all over the bed to make it look like blood.  I had to steal the sheets from  the room.  I did NOT want them to see the mess.

In the end they used the photos and I was happy.  I also didn’t have to pay any extra money for the BIG mess we left behind.  I assume The Chateau Marmont was used to it by now.  I’ve had some seriously great times at that hotel.  Some I can’t remember.  Ugh.