08.01.96 – DJ Spooky | Detour Magazine

YO!  New York City baby!  I shot DJ Spooky for Detour Magazine in the big city!  I met him at his place and we ended up shooting on his roof.  Rooftops in NYC are amazing in so many ways and shooting on the roof was perfect for DJ Spooky.  He was so nice and cool.  Just had that cool factor that I don’t have.  The kind I like in an artist/musician.  We talked about music and art the whole day.

I shot Polaroid 665 for my main images, but also shot regular film as well.  Back in the days I would shoot all sorts films and cameras.  I always mixed it up when on location.  My main camera was a Hasselblad, but depending on the job I would mix it up.  These days everyone and everything looks the same!  Ugh.

Detour Magazine was great to shoot for cuz they gave creative license on most shoots.  My best friend Erin Culley was the music editor and always gave me great talent to shoot.  DJ Spooky was one of those.  A great talent and subject who made me look good.