02.01.96 – John Taylor | B5 Records

A few weeks after shooting the Neurotic Outsiders for Maverick Records John Taylor asked me to shoot him for his first solo record.  It was for his label B5 Records.  I thought it was just for publicity, but it ended up being the cover.  Woo hoo!

I did the shoot at Smash Box in Santa Monica.  Did 3 simple set-ups in the studio and focused on John.  With musicians like John you have to stay out of the way and let them be themselves.  I always keep things simple.  My lighting, my ideas, my backgrounds and my thoughts.

In the end it’s one of my favorite covers I ever worked on.  It’s clean and John looks good.  I have to be honest I always wanted to shoot Duran Duran and never did.  This was close enough and very satisfying.