08.08.96 – Matchbox Twenty | Atlantic Records

WOW!  This was a fun day for sure.  This was my first shoot with Matchbox 20 and Rob Thomas for Atlantic Records.  It was a publicity and packaging shoot.  We shot at 5th & Sunset Studios in Hollywood.  Actually a few blocks from where I live.  My great friend Michael Lippman made this shoot happen since he managed the band.

These guys were fresh from Orlando, FL and just beginning their musical careers.  I remember them getting a complete make over.  New haircuts and new cloths.  A whole new look for each band member.  This is when I met Rob Thomas.  I’ve shot and known Rob since that day.  He’s one of the nicest musicians I have ever met and worked with.  I see him every tour he does cuz he’s SO fucking good.

This shoot just worked and was super easy.  I remember thinking these guys are too nice and they’ll be lucky to sell a few albums.  WTF do I know they sold over 15 million!!!  They have been pushing out hits and tours since this shoot.  I’d like to think that my photos had something to do with it.