07.18.94 – Seven Year Bitch | Me

Lets keep this simple… Seven Year Bitch was one of my favorite bands back in the grunge days!  I loved them big time.  Lead singer Seline Vigil was so cool and super nice.  A great lead singer with lots of charisma and talent!  The band rocked hard and always put on a great show!

This was my second shoot with the band.  This time around I got them into the studio for some fun.  It was an easy shoot as always.  Kept it simple.  The one memory that stands out was how much fun we had from the moment they walked in.  We laughed the whole time.  I love this shoot cuz it really showed off Seline’s personality and the bands energy.  So damn sassy.

To this day I adore Seline and happy I can call her a friend.  She was nice enough to shoot with me in 2017 for my 30in30 project.  Just like old times it was easy and fun!