04.11.92 | Bad Religion | Spin Magazine

This was my chance to shoot one of my favorite live bands ever!  Back in the day Bad Religion shows were crazy as fuck.  I think they’re still the same to this day, but I haven’t seen them since 92.  This shoot was done at a local coffee bar down the street from where I live.  The shoot was for Spin Magazine, so that meant no real budget.  That’s why I had to keep it simple.

What I remember most about this shoot is only funny to me, but I have to share.  I had met a couple of the guys before and they were always cool with me.  We did like two simple set-ups.  We were shooting away and everything was good.  During the last set-up I told the guys I was shooting Social Distortion for Rolling Stone in a couple days.  I asked them if they knew Mike Ness and the band.  They all started laughing and doing their best Mike Ness impersonations.  Grumpy, moody and funny!  I could not stop laughing!  They had him down perfectly.  AND of course it made it tough to shoot Social Distortion, cuz in my head I was laughing out loud.