As you know I’ve been having fun in some Clubhouse rooms listening to lots of photographers complain about getting paid, getting their rates and dealing with bad business.  I just wanted to let you all know the business of photography is NOT easy.  NO matter who you are and what you do or where you at.  It’s NOT an easy business to be in!  Please understand… just do your best and keep move forward.  Always be the best and think long term on all your business decisions.

Getting paid for what I’m worth is has never been easy.  Getting paid on time even MORE difficult!  Getting an advance check was a struggle.  Getting paid in 30 days!  Getting paid at all has never been easy, but that’s the game yo!  If you wanna get rich and make whale money… get a real job.  Just remember yer not doing this for just money!  Yer doing cuz you love the business of photographer.  Just be real.  Understand the game and how it’s played.

LAST… One thing I learned long ago, was to be organized with invoicing and have clear rules with your clients!  Communicate how you want to get paid and when you want to get paid before the shoot.  These days there are more options than ever.  GET PAID YO!!!