Yo!!  I got some more BIG news!!  I’m super excited to announce and let everyone know I am now represented by AUGUST IMAGE for my syndication & image licensing.  This is a big deal for me in so many way.  First, AUGUST is amazing and the best at what they do.  Second, I have a body of work and archive that needs special attention.  I truly believe AUGUST can help me make it safe and secure for years to come.

I started syndicating my work back in the early 80’s with Visage RPS in Los Angeles.  It was all about film, prints and slides back then.  This new digital world has changed the game forever.  I need help keeping track of everything, making sure I get compensated and stopping the illegal usage.  If you love any of my iconic images and interested in using them, please contact AUGUST IMAGE.

O: 212.777.0088
E: info@augustimage.com
W: AugustImage.com