Hey!  I know this will sound familiar cuz I’ve ranted about this before.  It’s a simple concept passed to me many many years ago.  I call it the healthy balance of the photographers life.  The simple balance of ART & COMMERCE.  What do I mean by this?

You chose photography because it’s fun, you connect, you love the creativity, the business, the challenge and the life that it brings you.  To simplify… you love getting paid to do what you love and how creating art feeds your soul.  The balance of these two are everything.  Too much of one is not good or fun for you.  Make sense?

Too much commerce and you lose your soul.  Your soul feeds your art, your passion and creativity.  Gives you the life you love.  Too much soul and you can’t pay your bills.  You have to run your business and live your life.  Gotta take care of you!  Both are important in healthy creative life.  Shoot the jobs that pay your bills, but don’t forget to shoot the subjects that feed your soul.  I have worked this way my whole career.  I have struggled in both areas, but it has kept me going.

I’ve found a healthy balance has prevented me from burn out.  It has kept me going for 50+ years.  I probably did more work for my soul and NOT enough for my commerce, but that’s the crazy kid in me always wanting to have fun.  I just know like everything in life… it takes work.  SO get busy and DO THE WORK.