YO!  How we all holding up during these strange days?  Me… I’m good.  I’ve been rethinking a lot of my life and work.  Everyone I talk to is rethinking all sorts of things.  For me, I’ve thought a lot about these past 10 years and what I want the next 10 years to be like.  Covid fucked up my plans for exhibitions and events so I have to step back, pivot and adjust (as they say in business these days).

I decided to sit down for a few weeks and work on my plan.  I took all of August to do this.  Talked to friends and mentors.  Did lots of research and watched a lot of Tony Robbins videos.  He’s the man & he always says what I need to hear.  I worked on my BLUEPRINT and I’m proud of it big time.  I really think taking a step back and looking at my life was the best thing I did this year.  The plan was finished and good to go starting September 1st.

I started the plan and so far so good.  The key part of the plan was to cut out the bad, work on the good and be proud of my life so far.  I need to create new healthy habits and I’m doing that.  I’m also working on my boundaries.  I’ve let too many ungrateful losers get too close to me and really fuck things up.  I’m known for being too nice & I need to watch who I’m being nice to and why.  I need to have boundaries and take care of me.  I’m going to do that more.  I’ll keep you updated on my progress.  Simply put… I”m doing the work!