Yo!  Listen up all you thieves!  Back in the day, before digital downloads there were these things called LP’s, 45’s, singles and albums.  Remember those?  Well, there was also these things called Bootlegs!  They were crappy recordings of a band or artist pressed onto vinyl without the artist permission.  They also did cover art without the permission of the photographer.  Now that I’ve explained this… There were plenty of bad bootlegs.  As a matter of fact, most of them sucked in every way possible.

Some artist & photographers hated them.  I took it as an honor mostly.  Any time I found a bootleg using one of my photos I bought it.  Seriously they sucked, but it was pretty cool that someone put the work into making it.  I have more than a few in my vault and have nothing to play them on, but they are a great reminder of the crazy vinyl past.  I’m not sure if anyone is doing these anymore, but it would be cool if they did.  They other funny thing is I have some crazy bootleg T-Shirts!  I can’t believe that someone would go to all the trouble and make them, but I assume its because it made them money.  :-)